Kathy Burk Collections

With a fine artist’s eye, Kathy captures timelessness and light, motion and mystery in three different yet connected vessels – kiln glass, mosaic collage and architectural lighting.

Kathy is a Visiting Artist with the “Inspired by Yellowstone Artist Series,” a program sponsored by Yellowstone National Park Lodges. Kathy’s work is featured at Old Faithful Inn and Lake Yellowstone Hotel as well as many fine art galleries.

Her body of work is also sought by private collectors around the world.

Kiln Glass


Inspired by vibrant thermal pools found in Yellowstone National Park. The reactions that occur when glass and minerals are exposed to extreme heat are reminiscent of the geologic forces at play in Yellowstone.


Raw silica, soda, lime and minerals are melted and fused together into kiln glass that is broken then fused again with richly colored shards bringing forward a mesmerizing depth of brilliance and form.


A strange and sprightly world flourishes beneath mountain rivers – sometimes visible, sometimes shrouded – at Mother Nature’s whim. Clear, colorful glass melded with opaque create curious eddies that swirl and shadow.

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Mosaic Collage


Using the cubism method, objects are sketched capturing interesting shapes, small details and simple forms. The drawings are combined into a mosaic glass design that artfully reinterprets the three-dimensional object.


Wild and rare, wonders of the Mountain West are explored through texture, contrast, depth and motion.


Stepping into the natural world means stepping outside the constraints of time. This sense of timelessness finds expression in the intersection of earthy elements – kiln glass, aged relics, rusted tin, stones, timbers and steel.

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Artistry in Lighting

Signature Series

Layers of exquisitely crafted kiln glass arc and flow with light, bringing a sense of organic movement into a space. Each lamp shade is handmade and customized to your interior design requirements. Styles include Chandeliers, Pendants and Wall Sconces.

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Floor and Table Lamps

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Hand-forged steel gently embraces elegant lamp shades masterfully crafted out of layers of fused glass punctuated with bits of mosaic. Substantial and beautiful, each piece functions as both lighting and art.


The Geared-up Lighting concept explores the roots of industrial tooling blended with kiln glass. Reclaimed and recycled relics from Montana’s rich agricultural heritage are beautifully integrated into each custom piece. Options include Floor Lamp, Table Lamp and Wall Sconces.


The Torch Architectural Lighting line is the first in the Montana Relic series. Each lamp features hand crafted kiln glass and a custom metal frame. Lamps can be customized to the client’s interior design requirements. Styles include Floor Lamps, Table Lamps, Pendants and Wall Sconces [large, medium, small].