Earth Elements

Walking down a boot worn path the smell of cottonwood grows stronger the closer I get to the river’s edge. The ice has melted and tiny spikes of green dot the bank. A breeze lifts, my heart beats, I step in. Time stops.

I am wholly taken by the ever-changing face of nature. The river has carved out the landscape and shaped the stones. Water from mountain glaciers has fed the wildflowers, trees, meadows and wildlife for millennia. I am here, and for a while at least here is the only place in the world.

Nature Transformed

As an artist and designer my largest influence comes from my father’s ranch located in Montana’s Beaverhead National Forest. The history of this place and geological make-up fascinate me. The dynamic meadow, traveling wildlife and dense forest have been the genesis of many artistic inspirations. I examine small details of the relics and rusted implements left behind by the original settler, and observe the sweeping landscapes down to the smallest wildflower. I recognize the color contrast that occurs naturally during the different seasons and study the underlying geology. I slow down to examine the details and enjoy replicating the depth, texture and color, vibrantly with glass.

Kathy Burk studied architecture and interior design at the University of Texas. She began her career in systems furniture planning, eventually leaving to design lamps and lighting. A desire to create lamp shades from kiln glass led Kathy to explore glass fusion. Over the next 20 years Kathy developed a proprietary process for creating a rich palette of flowing colors, including intense blues, deep blue greens, ambers, yellows and reds. Kathy’s designs feature her signature glass, embellishments and halo effects.