Time Unearthed

My inspiration comes from the natural world, a place where time is suspended and senses are enlivened. Nature is ripe with contrasts and color, depth and motion. Everywhere there is light – always changing, revealing then shrouding this mysterious realm.

Using raw elements found deep within the earth I discovered a way to explore the dynamics of nature. Silica, soda, lime plus variations of select minerals are molten and forged with aged relics, rusted implements and steel. As in nature, every piece of glass and metal has a calling – a piece to which it belongs.

My art invites people to slow down and experience a moment in nature – see the depth of water, feel the breeze teasing the leaves of an aspen tree, explore the mesmerizing layers of a boiling thermal pool.

In that moment is the knowledge that we are all part of the mystery, connected to abundant natural beauty and to one another in a manner that transcends time.